examples of surface threatment parts after heat threatment

Our goal - Full-range supplier

In order to be able to offer our customers finished products, we have long-standing partnerships with specialised companies in Austria that handle high-quality tasks for us.




To archive the desires rough surface for our implants we use a sand-blasting machine. Other sand-blasting tasks we outsource to a carefully chosen lang-standig partner.

Sterile packaging


We have our own clean room, where implants can be packaged in a sterile environment.



To passivate the precision parts we have manufactured we use a fully automated machine.


Hardening (all types of heat treatments)

Heat treatments

For equipping our products with specific characteristics, we have many possibilities in cooperation with the Rübig company.


  • Vacuum hardening
  • Nitriding
  • Case hardening, etc.

Various surface treatments


With the help of our carefully chosen partners, we are able to offer all kinds of desired surface treatment, e.g. chromating, anodising, nickel coating, and so on.

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