The Bertmann company was founded in 1974 by a Swedish family of manufacturers. At the time, the company was based in Vienna Strasshof. Shortly afterwards, it moved to Vienna 17 into Schumanngasse. In 1989, Bertmann moved to Sulzengasse 3, where its still situated today. In 1998, Bertmann became part of Powerwave Technologies as a supplier of components for the Telecom exclusively. Since then, the company has extended its market presence continually, and now also covers areas such as medicine, the optical industry, and defence technology.



Bertmann as a stand-alone company

In 2003, Bertmann was separated from Powerwave Technologies, and since then it has been family-owned. The company has managed to become a leading manufacturer in metal-cutting precision production. We are aiming to enter more markets and thus maintain our flexibility for our custromers, and to strengthen our market position in precision manufacturing through constant challenges.

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