automatic lathe

CNC Latheing

In our turning shop, we use the latest automatic lathes, which with their assembly robots, gantry loaders and bar feeders enable a largely automated production. Our machines have automatic measurement systems as well as C/Y axes, so that the parts can be finished directly on the automatic lathe. Thus we can reduce our production times and grant a faster delivery.

We remove stock from challenging materials, such as titanium, heat-treated steel, plastics and aluminium, brass, etc.

Our ideal production area is between the diameters of 10 and 100mm, and at a maximum diameter of 250mm.



To program the complex machines we use a 3D programming system, which enables us to integrate your components directly from the 3D model in the production.

Of course, we also offer various surface treatments, which we implement in cooperation with our long-standing partners.


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